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Why Fuego for Sellers

Focused at helping you open new doors for your business, Fuego Trading Platform enables sellers to exhibit their products with ease, get more visibility and accelerate growth & increase profits.

Fuego Sellers get instant access to

  • Maximum Exposure

  • 10 thousand buyers

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Market analysis & insights

  • Inventory Management System

  • Simplified & Secure shipping

Tools & Features for
Fuego Sellers

  • Seller Friendly dashboard

  • Track Your Performance

  • Pricing & Availability info

  • Shipping Location Management

  • Currency Conversion Tool

  • 24 hr seller support

Expand your Selling Horizon

Grow your business by becoming approachable to buyers across the world with no extra effort. Reach a wider buyer-base, sell at a price point of your choosing, build trust with quality service & develop lasting business relations.

Move Ahead
Stay Client Focused & Result Driven

Register now and unearth endless potential to grow your Lab-grown diamond business. Manufacture and sell directly. Eliminate unnecessary commissions. Get the true worth of your product. Showcase exceptional quality. Taste unmatched success.

Reasons to Sell via Fuego

Fuego offers a wide array of benefits for its sellers which allow users in streamlining operations, building brand & scaling up their overall business. Here’s how we make it possible-

  • Simplified Inventory Management

    Upload, update, and manage your inventory on your own in real time, with a simple and user-friendly inventory management system.

  • Integrated Shipping & Invoicing

    Focus on your business and let Fuego handle the logistics of your Lab-grown diamond sales. Insured shipping. Simple Invoicing.

  • Certification Solution

    Get certificates for non-certified diamonds from our in-house grading assessment lab team. Sell with confidence and create trust.

  • Transparent Pricing Information

    Weekly auto price update for the entire inventory. No more need for manual price updating. Get vital pricing lists and requirements. Do a comparative analysis with your competition. Showcase your products at your preferred price.

  • Visibility to a huge buyer database

    Expand your business to reach a global audience. Accelerate growth. Be approachable to jewellery retailers, wholesalers & more.

  • Save money by direct trading

    Sell directly to verified buyers & eliminate 3rd party commissions. No additional transaction fee. No hidden charges. Strengthen your profits.

A platform to help you accelerate your business to next level

Join as a member and start selling globally in a matter of minutes. Showcase your inventory of Lab-grown Diamonds to over 10,000 + buyers from all over the globe. Experience limitless expansion opportunities with Fuego.

Lab=Mined Lab=Mined, a symbol of responsible and sustainable beauty for every lab-grown diamond manufacturers and suppliers. Lab=Mined
Lab=MinedThe CVD diamond market is expected to grow from $550 million in 2022 to $1262.9 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 8.9%.
Lab=MinedThe global CVD lab-grown diamonds market is expected to grow from $10.67 billion in 2022 to $11.72 billion in 2023.
Lab=MinedThe Bourse will have facilities like international banking, safe vaults and jewelry mall leading to 1.5 lakh new jobs.
Lab=MinedSwiss company TAG Heuer has launched the most expensive watch studded with Lab-grown Diamonds.
Lab=Mined1 USD = 83.67 INR
Lab=Mined1 EUR = 91 INR
Lab=Mined1 GBP = 108.11 INR
Lab=Mined1 HKD = 10.71 INR