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Code of Conduct

Modified August 1, 2022

Buyers and sellers should carefully review the following Code of Conduct and our License Agreement. This is to ensure that the users are in complete compliance with all our agreements, rules and policies.

Violating the same may lead to indefinite suspension or termination of the purchased plan.


Fuego Marketplace welcomes all trusted members of the international diamond trade. Companies or individuals seeking to join as a member are requested to complete the membership application.

Fuego membership is subject to verification and approval. The company reserves the sole right to restrict, deny, suspend, or terminate membership at any time for valid reasons which may or may not be conveyed to the applicant.

Fuego Trade Code of Conduct is subject to change and may be updated with due notice. Any modifications made to the rules will be posted on the Fuego Trade website. All these updates are to be considered binding on all Buyers & Sellers.

Fuego Trade is owned and operated under Fuego Diamonds Pvt Ltd.

Legal and Ethical Business Practices

Fuego Trade is a value-based firm created to provide a fair, safe, transparent, smooth, efficient and competitive market for the trading of Lab-grown diamonds for jewellers & retailers. As a member, every user is obligated to value and follow these values.

Fuego Members, at all times, must completely comply with all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. Being an India-based entity, Fuego operates in compliance with Indian Law & all applicable regulations. By default, all members are also bound to comply with the same at all times.

Fuego Trade members are held to a high ethical standard and code of conduct which may transcend legal obligations. From time to time, Fuego members may be required to comply with specific trade restrictions within or outside India based on ethical grounds. Any such trade restrictions will be posted on-site to avoid any negative consequences.

If a member is found in violation of Fuego Trade guidelines and code of conduct, even outside the Fuego network, the said member will still be held accountable for their actions.

Strict enforcement of these ethical values and code of conduct is at the sole discretion of the Fuego Trade team & management.

Fuego Access and Confidentiality


Fuego Members are instructed to not disclose or share their passwords with anyone. The use of all passwords is strictly limited to specific individuals.

The content and data shared on the site is the intellectual and legal property of Fuego Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. Fuego Members can not disclose or share any such information with third parties.

Members are not supposed to download or store any diamond listings, buy requests or any such data to share with 3rd parties without prior approval from Fuego authorities.

Fuego Members can NOT share the personal and contact information of fellow members with any third party. The same should also not be used to send broadcast messages, emails and spam of any sort.


Fuego Trade Members must trade in good faith and do business in a way that ensures that the marketplace has a safe, efficient and reliable trading environment.

Fuego allows the listing of lab-grown diamonds only.

Sellers must completely disclose all information about every product they’re selling, especially if this information might be a factor in affecting the resale value. Misrepresentation or misinformation counts as fraudulent activity and will be dealt with in the form of legal action.

Complete written disclosure about the products is mandatory. All listings must be accurate & up to date at all times. Members must provide all details correctly in the specified format only.

All agreements and transactions between Fuego Members are absolute and binding. This includes, telephonic, e-mail, online or written agreements of any form.

Communication of Lab Grown-diamond grades on Fuego must be based on Authorized Institue grading standards. In the case of Non-certified Lab Grown diamonds, members have the option of opting for certification from Fuego’s in-house Quality Control facility.

Incorrect or misinformed listing/grading of products will be subject to suspension with full public disclosure and the reason for their suspension. Buyers can rightfully demand sellers to cancel transactions, take returns of any such product and provide a full refund in the event of selling incorrectly-graded diamonds.

Bait listings and false advertising are strictly prohibited on Fuego Trade. Sellers should, at all times, ensure that diamond listings contain the latest availability status. Similarly, fictitious buy requests may be treated as spam and multiple infractions may lead to suspension.

All Fuego Members must update the pricing of their stock/inventory every week or opt for Fuego’s Auto-Price Update Feature, more frequent updates are highly recommended. Members must provide the correct grading report or certificate number for all laboratory-grown diamonds.

All prices in the listings must not have hidden charges or bundled conditions.

Unsolicited marketing over any form of media/channel is strictly prohibited.

Members can file written complaints about unethical activities observed, by reaching out to us at

Written complaints are subject to review and investigation by the internal assessment team, which holds the right to suspend or terminate membership or other sanctions if the party in question is found to be in violation.

Members must change their ‘Available’ status to “none” within 1 (one) hour should there be any change in their inventory/stock. If a Fuego Member is found to have listed a product as Available contrary to the actual availability, the member may be barred from listing. Flagrant and repeated violations will lead to suspension or account termination, at the sole discretion of Fuego Trade.


Members must fully honour all their financial obligations.

In case of inability to meet such obligations, due to bankruptcy or any such events, members are obligated to notify the Fuego Management.

Listing Restrictions

Listing, buying or selling of products which can are known to be sourced from entities involved in human rights abuses, terrorist financing, money laundering or any other illegal activities, is strictly prohibited.


As and when required, Fuego Trade will communicate Trade Alerts, Guidelines, Rules, and other announcements which affect the business activity on the marketplace.

Fuego Trade reserves the right to publicly disclose the identity of any Member that has violated the company’s Ethics and Code of Conduct, other policies, or the law.

In addition, the company will share information regarding any to the concerned government authorities if required by law enforcement agencies


Fuego has a member rating and review system. Abusing or misusing the ratings will lead to membership termination.

Abuse and Misuse include (but are not limited to)

  • Threatening negative feedback
  • Artificially enhanced reputation feedback
  • Inappropriate, discriminatory, or threatening reviews
  • Ratings not based on actual transactions
  • Colluding with other members to raise their own or lower others’ ratings

Fuego Trade reserves the right to delete a rating if it is found in violation of these terms and conditions. The company’s decision in this regard shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

Traders are welcome to contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions via email at

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